TMP Launches the 1Horse

In 2018 Tailor Made Products, Inc. partnered with Wisconsin-based inventor, Peter Rosewicz, to bring his reinvented sawhorse – the 1Horse – to life.

The 1Horse is a fully redesigned sawhorse, created so you only need one to do the work that typically requires two standard sawhorses.

With its v-shape design, 1Horse allows DIY’ers and handymen to work on large beams or short 2x4s without needing a second sawhorse. Its 3-point design allows the 1Horse to balance on uneven surfaces and the removable spoil boards allow you to create an even larger working surface.

Invention of the 1Horse

Rosewicz created the 1Horse concept after struggling to utilize two standard sawhorses in his home remodel. Having to continuously adjust the sawhorses was cumbersome and slowing down his progress.

After replacing his two sawhorses with the 1Horse, his performance and job speed increased drastically.

1Horse Meets TMP

When Rosewicz pitched the 1Horse to local custom molding expert TMP, they quickly saw the unique value in the innovative sawhorse redesign. Together, Peter and TMP debuted the 1Horse model at the 2018 International Hardware Show.

After an overwhelmingly positive response and strong customer interest, they began tooling in Wisconsin. TMP tested a wide-range of sustainable materials before selecting the formula with the greatest amount of strength.

TMP began introducing the finalized Redefined Sawhorse to national retailers in the spring of 2019. Now, the product is officially available to consumers nationwide.

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